2,000 stores worldwide

In 2012 JYSK opens store number 2,000 worldwide. Even though JYSK today has grown into an international chain with stores in more than 35 countries, out roots are still intact. It is reflected in our products as well as in the culture and the unity among the employees, who through the years have been part of creating JYSK’s success.

Here you can see selected moments of the company’s development.

1979 ∙ The world’s first JYSK-store opens

On April 2nd at 08.00 o’clock in the morning 1979, the world’s very first Jysk Sengetøjslager opens at Silkeborgvej in Aarhus. Outside the store, the queue of customers is so long that they have to be let in, in groups of approximately 50 a time. When the day is out, the sale is 220,000 kroner, which is far more than even the most optimistic expectations.

1984 ∙ Goes beyond the Danish borders

On March 31st 1984 Dänisches Bettenlager opens the first store in Germany in Flensburg. By that JYSK enters markets beyond the Danish borders for the first time. In total eight stores open during the first year. Today, Dänisches Bettenlager is an independent part in the JYSK-Group and operates stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain.

1984 ∙ The world’s first franchise-store opens

On April, 12th 1984 the very first franchise-store opens in Nuuk in Greenland. By that JYSK places the first cornerstone of its franchise-department. Since then, more franchise-stores have opened, and these are now found in 13 countries.

1998 ∙ JYSK rounds 500 stores

On August 6th 1998 Lars Larsen celebrates his 50 years birthday with the opening of store number 500 worldwide.

2000 ∙ JYSK reaches Central Europe

In March 2000 the first store opens in Poland in Gdañsk. Poland is the first country that opens a JYSK-store in Central Europe. During the first years, the Polish stores get products from the distribution centre in Denmark, but today they get products from their own warehouse, which is located in Radomsko and is one of Europe’s largest distribution centres.

2001 ∙ All stores get a new name

In 2001 Jysk Sengetøjslager in Denmark, Sweden and Finland changes its name to JYSK, and the well-known headboard-logo gets a new design.

2004 ∙ JYSK celebrates 25 years anniversary

On April 2nd 2004 JYSK celebrates 25 years anniversary, and just like 25 years ago the press and the people in Aarhus are invited to morning coffee and great offers on the day where Lars Larsen cuts the string and reopens the store at Silkeborgvej in Aarhus. In connection with the anniversary, Lars Larsen publishes his own autobiography, which he sends out to all Danish households. A total of 2.4 million copies are being sent out. Likewise, all JYSK employees get the book as a thank you for the first 25 years wearing the JYSK-sweater. Read the book here.

2005 ∙ 1,000 stores around the world

In 2005, 26 years after the opening of the first JYSK-store, store number 1,000 opens. The store opens in Dingolfing in Germany.

2008 ∙ Northern Europe’s largest warehouse appears

In 2008 the administrative department starts using JYSK’s new distribution centre, which is located in the small village of Uldum between Vejle and Horsens in Central Jutland. In 2009 the warehouse is fully functional and ready to serve more than 170 stores in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Great Britain together with approximately 100 franchise-stores around the world.

2009 ∙ JYSK celebrates 30 years anniversary

On April 2nd 2009 JYSK celebrates 30 years anniversary. The anniversary is, among others things, celebrated by opening stores in three new countries: on March 26th in Croatia, on April 2nd in Italy and on April 3rd in Spain.

2009 ∙ 1,500 stores with good offers

In 2009 JYSK opens store number 1,500. The store opens in Holland.

2010 ∙ Web-shop opens in Denmark

On November 15th 2010 JYSK launches web-shop in Denmark. Similar web-shops have this year opened in Sweden and the Netherlands.

2010 ∙ Hyper JYSK appears

On November 19th 2010 JYSK opens the very first Hyper-store in Lodz in Poland. Hyper-stores are extra large stores with shelves filled with products.

2012 ∙ New City JYSK stores open

On March 15th this year, the very first City JYSK-store opens in Kista in Sweden. The idea behind the concept is to place JYSK in shopping centres to reach out to customers in the large city areas and to reach a larger audience.

2012 ∙ 2,000 stores around the world

In 2012, just seven years after the opening of store number 1,000, JYSK opens store number 2,000 worldwide. The store opens in Norway in Leknes. The occasion is celebrated in all of JYSK’s stores in 34 countries around the world.