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JYSK reaches 2,000 stores

A milestone will be reached in JYSK’s history with the opening of store number 2,000. This will be celebrated with lots of great offers to JYSK’s customers all around the world.

With the opening of store number 2,000, JYSK reaches a milestone in its ambition to constantly expand globally. In 2005, JYSK celebrated the opening of store number 1,000, so in just seven years JYSK has been able to double the number of stores around the world.

So it has been busy since JYSK’s owner Lars Larsen opened his first store at Silkeborgvej in Aarhus, Denmark in 1979. At that point in time he wrote the offer signs himself and stood behind the counter – today, there are more than 17,000 colleagues in the JYSK-group, which in these years opens two to three stores a week and is available in 34 countries.

»I am both proud and delighted that we reach this milestone. It means a lot for me to see how JYSK constantly grows in volume and as a healthy business. Particularly in recent years it has expanded rapidly, and the next goal must be that we in 10-15 years can celebrate the opening of store number 4,000. It is ambitious but it is good to have great ambitions,« says Lars Larsen, founder and owner of JYSK.

A great offer for everyone
Lars Larsen promises that it will be exciting to visit the stores, since JYSK during the next couple of weeks launches a massive anniversary campaign. A new store in the city of Leknes, which is located on the Norwegian cluster of islands Lofoten in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, has been selected as store number 2,000. The store’s solitary location reflects that JYSK wants to be known for having a great offer for everyone – regardless of geography.

»Our strength is our accessibility and presence. This applies both when it comes to the breadth and depth of our product range but also in relation to the location. It should be easy to visit us, and it does no matter whether you live in a big city or in smaller cities around the world,« Lars Larsen emphasises.

Pictures can be downloaded here.

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Jonas Schrøder, Communications & CSR Director, JYSK Nordic,, +45 40905493.

Lars Larsen opened his first store in 1979. Today JYSK is an international group with 2,000 stores in 34 countries and 17,000 employees. JYSK wishes to be a great offer for everyone and has ambitions to gain currency worldwide. The group is owned by Lars Larsen and the annual turnover is approximately 18.5 billion kroner.