Jysk Front

About JYSK Group

Since founder of JYSK, Lars Larsen, opened his first store in Aarhus in 1979, JYSK has been on a constant journey of expanding the business, and every year about 100 new JYSK stores are opened around the world.

JYSK Group consists of the three entities JYSK Nordic, DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER and JYSK Franchise.

JYSK Nordic operates JYSK stores in 20 countries including Scandinavia, East and Central Europe.

DÄNICHES BETTENLAGER operates stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.
In Germany and Austria the sign on the store front says DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER, while the stores in Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal are operated under the name JYSK.

Besides JYSK Nordic and DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER, JYSK Group also includes JYSK Franchise allowing a number of franchises around the world the possibility to become part of the JYSK success. Currently JYSK Franchise is present in 25 countries.