At JYSK, we work to minimise our and our suppliers' environmental impact. A number of concrete initiatives, both large and small, are firmly anchored at concern, store and warehouse level. However, it is the responsibility of the management in each country to decide what to focus on, which is why initiatives can vary from country to country.

Common initiatives in all JYSK countries:

  • A focus on energy reduction, such as by switching to LED lights. The goal is for all stores to be fitted with LED lighting over the next few years.
  • Investment in efficient waste sorting in which cardboard in particular, but also plastic are sent for recycling.
  • The use of plastic bags that consist of 50% plastic waste – which is a mixture of industrial and post-consumer waste.
  • A focus on increasing the percentage of FSC-certified wood.
  • A focus on reducing the use of hazardous phthalates in our products. 

Reduced CO2 emissions from our distribution centres

JYSK has invested in new and automated distribution centres with environmentally-friendly construction features. For example, significantly less energy is used on heating, as the automated distribution centres consist of high bay warehouses that are only heated to about five degrees because there are only machines working in them. 

Environmental labels at JYSK


The Oeko-Tex label is intended to protect consumers from harmful substances sometimes used in textile products. The label ensures that the products are inspected for dangerous colouring agents and chemicals, and that the Oeko-Tex Standard requirements have been fully met. The label can be found on a great many JYSK products, including the vast majority of our bed linen, sheets, towels and casing used in our duvets, pillows and mattresses.



FSC®/™ stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council,' and the label is used on wooden products. In an FSC forest, no more trees are cut down than the forest can naturally replace, and care is taken to protect local human and animal populations. The FSC label can be found on a great many of JYSK's wooden products – particularly on our garden furniture pieces.




Certipur is a voluntary standard for promoting safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance in the flexible polyurethane foams used in mattresses and other products.