Lars Larsen

The founder

The JYSK story begins with a young man from the area of Thy in the northwestern part of Denmark – a young man with an exceptional talent for business – Lars Larsen.

After completing his apprenticeship in a manufacturing company and later in a residential property, Lars Larsen decided he would open a chain of bedding stores. The basic idea was to provide all customers with a great offer. With a great amount of energy and drive, Lars Larsen succeeded in finding a financial institute and suppliers who dared to bet on his idea.


The kick off in 1979

The first JYSK store opened on 2 April 1979 in Aarhus, Denmark – where the store still is today. The opening day exceeded all expectations, and the success was thus jump-started. Store number two opened just 14 days later– and store number three opened two weeks after that. From the very beginning, Lars Larsen was determined to open an  entire chain of retail stores.

The tradesman

The tradesmanship and a great offer have always been the cornerstones of Lars Larsen’s achievements. That is also why his official title was The Tradesman. 

Lars Larsen's autobiography

In relation to JYSK's 25th anniversary, in 2004, Larsen released his autobiography, in which he tells about his life and JYSK's first 25 years.

You can read here how an idea became a global success story. The book was first published in 2004. 

Lars Larsen autobiography