Supplier Management

Supplier Management

JYSK has hundreds of suppliers from around the world. Teamwork with our suppliers is a fundamental element in our business, and it is thus here where we can make the biggest difference in our work with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We have always placed demands on our suppliers, but in 2006 this work was formalised when we became the first Danish company to join the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

Shared Code of Conduct

The BSCI is an international inspection and training system for suppliers. As members, the companies follow a shared Code of Conduct that contains 11 principles for running an ethical and socially responsible business. The principles are based on international conventions and, among other things, prohibit child labour, forced labour and discrimination, and set out requirements for safety, working hours and environmental protection.

You can read more about the 11 principles in BSCI's Code of Conduct.

The 11 principles form the nucleus of JYSK's Code of Conduct. The suppliers JYSK works with must sign our Code of Conduct and are thereby obligated to meet the requirements and standards specified in it.

Teamwork is the way forward

Through the BSCI we are able to monitor our suppliers and their production processes to ensure that our contractual agreements concerning social and environmental standards are met. With the BSCI system, JYSK's suppliers have the option of undergoing training in the 11 principles and in current problems in their respective countries.

We always strive to ensure that our suppliers meet our requirements. In doing so, we consider 'teamwork' and 'involvement' to be keywords, because we will only be able to move forward if we work together. That is why if a supplier has a problem, we prefer to continue working with them and ensure that an improvement is made, rather than immediately ending our partnership. We therefore cannot issue guarantees that there are no conditions among our suppliers that cannot be improved. However, we can guarantee that we work consciously and systematically to improve conditions and processes, in close collaboration with our suppliers.

Change takes time and only occurs when a common effort is made. If we were to end a partnership with a supplier and turn our backs on the problems, then change would never occur. We believe involvement is the way forward when it comes to the process of improving social and environmental conditions.

The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative

JYSK is a member of The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative, which is a multi-stakeholder project started in Denmark and which brings together the business community, the labour movement and social organisations. The purpose of the initiative is to encourage actors to work together for ethical trade and find constructive solutions to the challenges faced by Danish companies with their suppliers in the developing world and the new emerging economies.