Employee Promises

At JYSK, we firmly believe that our employees are the key to our success. Our values and leadership principles grow from our Scandinavian roots.

JYSK Employee Promises

We hold expectations for all our employees, just as our employees know what they can expect from JYSK. We actively listen to what our employees have to say. Through regular employee satisfaction surveys, we have formulated promises to our employees, and we take great pride in working towards fulfilling these promises every day.

JYSK Employee Promises encompass three core commitments we make to all our employees, outlining what JYSK is committed to providing for anyone who chooses to join our team. We embrace these promises in our daily efforts, as we strive to gain our goal to be employees ‘first choice within retailers.

Bring dedication. Meet possibilities

Bring good attitude and find opportunities. 

Strong teams. Great engagement

You can count on your team and you will be seen and heard. 

When You grow. We grow

You can build a career and grow in company.