JYSK Executive Management Team and Country Directors  

JYSK Executive Management Team

President and CEO
Rami Jensen
Signe Lind Jacobsen
Executive Vice President Finance and CFO
Signe Lind Jacobsen
Executive Vice President Purchasing
Martin Amstrup Bang
Executive Vice President Retail
Mikael Nielsen
Executive Vice President Retail Development, Customer Service and B2B
Carsten Nørgreen Weinkouff
Executive Vice President HR
Jan Verhoek
Executive Vice President Logistics
Ole Thomsen
Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and E-commerce
Jørgen Lund

Country Directors

Country Director Austria, Greece and Hungary
Sandor Szimeiszter
Country Director Belgium, France and the Netherlands
Frank Christant
Country Director Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia
Vesna Kukić Lončarić
Country Director Bulgaria, Romania and Türkiye
Alexandru Bratu
Country Director Czech Republic and Slovakia
Peter Branyik
Country Director Denmark
Bo Andersen
Country Director Finland and Sweden
Johan Sjödin
Country Director Germany
Christian Schirmer
Country Director Ireland and United Kingdom
Roni Tuominen
Country Director Italy
Cesare Bailo
Country Director Norway
Martina Pohjanen
Country Director Poland
Piotr Padalak
Country Director Portugal and Spain
Carlos Haba Ariza
Country Director Switzerland
Roland Ebner
Country Director Ukraine
Ievgenii Ivanytsia