Animal Welfare

Animal welfare

In JYSK, we do not accept animal cruelty and our suppliers are obliged to follow our Supplier Code of Conduct regarding treatment of animals. We consider it a breach of contract if a supplier does not meet the requirements.

Down and feathers

Duvets and pillows are among JYSK's core products, and many of these contain down and feathers. When speaking about animal welfare in relation to down and feathers, one specific topic is often on the agenda: plucking of down from geese while still alive. The method is characterised as animal cruelty and illegal in Europe and many other areas.

In JYSK, we only want products with down and feathers, which are by-products of the food industry. In other words, down and feathers, which come from birds that were to be slaughtered anyway, and where down and feathers are plucked after the birds are slaughtered.

JYSK has a limited number of suppliers of products with down and feathers. This is due to ethical and quality-related considerations.

Work together with IDFL

JYSK does not under any circumstance accept live pluck. Therefore, we continuously monitor our supply chain. This is done in cooperation with The International Down and Feather Laboratory, IDFL, which specialises in inspections throughout the entire supply chain, including farms and slaughterhouses.

All JYSK Nordic’s suppliers bind themselves by contract solely to supply products made with down and feathers from slaughtered birds. This is specifically pointed out in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which all suppliers are obliged to follow.

Skins and wool

JYSK has a small number of animal skins in assortment as well as a limited number of products containing wool.

Animal skins sold at JYSK come from slaughtered animals – meaning that the animals were supposed to be slaughtered anyway. The animal is thus not killed solely for the skin.

JYSK does not under any circumstances accept mulesing of sheeps, and this is specifically pointed out in our Supplier Code of Conduct.