The Global Goals

Working with the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (also known as the Global Goals) with the intention of solving some of the planet's biggest challenges by 2030 and building a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

All members of the UN are obliged to transform the Global Goals into concrete actions, but the goals concern everyone, and companies and consumers also play a major role.

JYSK works with the Global Goals to ensure that our primary efforts within sustainability and CSR match the areas where we have the biggest impact throughout our value chain.

Based on that work, we have selected five Global Goals that are most relevant to our business. In addition, JYSK contributes to several Global Goals through our collaboration with leading NGO’s and labelling schemes as well as through our support for charitable causes.

Global Goal 6

(Clean Water and Sanitation)

JYSK's own operations do not have a large water consumption. That is, however, not the case in our supply chain.

A large part of our products is made of cotton. The conventional cultivation and production of cotton requires huge amounts of water. Likewise, both pesticides and fertilisers are traditionally used.

In cooperation with NGO’s, we work to reduce water consumption as well as the use of pesticides and fertilisers by helping cotton farmers to optimise their cultivation processes.

JYSK is also working to increase the amount of recycled cotton in our products.

Another significant focus area is the reduction of water and chemicals used in the cotton processing as well as better management of wastewater from the factories.

Global Goal 8

(Decent Work and Economic Growth)

Economic growth is part of JYSK's DNA, and the majority of the company's profits go to creating further growth and jobs.

JYSK is a family-owned company and a responsible employer for tens of thousands of employees in many countries.

JYSK's supply chain creates jobs for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Through responsible supply chain management, we ensure that our suppliers create fair and safe working conditions.

Global Goal 12

(Responsible Consumption and Production)

As a retail company, responsible consumption and production is one of the areas where JYSK has an opportunity to make the biggest difference, and thus also one of the areas where we have the greatest responsibility.

For many years, JYSK has worked actively with responsible production via responsible supply chain management, including our supplier guideline and code of conduct. We have a wide range of both social and environmental requirements, which we, both ourselves and in collaboration with external organisations, regularly follow up on.

We have a strong focus on more sustainable raw materials and at the same time we are continuously introducing more and more products made from recycled materials.

JYSK also has the opportunity to contribute to more responsible consumption. We work with everything from more sustainable packaging to product life cycle. In cooperation with our suppliers, we select and design products that can last longer. In addition, we focus on products designed in a way that makes them easier to disassemble in order to recycle the different parts.

We want to promote responsible consumption among our customers, and we continuously communicate about the benefits of choosing products made from more sustainable raw materials, such as FSCTM-certified wood. In addition, we support various information campaigns from NGO’s, such as FSC Week..

Global Goal 13

(Climate Action)

JYSK acknowledges that the climate is changing and that our business is contributing to that change. We are working hard to make our facilities more efficient, to transition to renewable electricity, and to phase out fossil fuels in order to rapidly reduce our carbon footprint.

JYSK aims to cut in half the greenhouse gas emissions emitted from powering and heating all of our stores, distribution centres, offices and company-owned vehicles by 2030 from a 2019 baseline.

We are also engaging our supply chain and transportation partners to set goals and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to be carbon neutral throughout everything we do by 2050.

Global Goal 15

(Life on Land)

JYSK is working to minimise the negative environmental impact from production and distribution of our products.

Both in relation to the raw material and the actual manufacturing of our products, we work with our suppliers and leading NGO’s to minimise the environmental footprint.